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external image AreWeThereYet.jpg

Are We There Yet?

Picture book

An 8-year old girl and her family tour their county, Australia, as tourists. Not only amusing, but this appealing book introduces the culture and diversity of this huge continent.

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Easy fiction

A small rabbit is found by the Monroe family at the movies on the night they saw a vampire movie makes Harold, the family dog, wonder if it's really a vampire bunny. The story is told from Harold's point of view, whose observations of the animals and the humans are laugh-out-loud funny.

external image DiaryofWorm.jpg

Diary of a Worm

Picture book

The life of a worm — from the worm's point of view as revealed in his diary makes a very funny picture book.

Flat Stanley
Flat Stanley

Flat Stanley

Easy fiction

Stanley functions quite normally in spite of the fact that he becomes only a quarter inch thick after a bulletin board flattens him — literally. This is the first of a series of books about Stanley and his travels.

external image FacetheWind.jpg

I Face the Wind

Picture book/nonfiction

The nature (the properties and characteristics) of the wind is introduced in this easy informational book.

external image Frogs.jpg

Nic Bishop's Frogs


Stunning color photographs of frogs are used to show how these beautiful creatures survive in the wild. The Red-Eyed Tree Frog by Joy Cowley (Scholastic) uses Bishop's amazing photographs relates the saga of one creature and is appreciated by even younger children. (These are examples of real life adventure!)

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Two Bad Ants

Picture book

Separated from the colony, readers join two adventurous ants and see the world from a very different perspective.